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What is Functional Health?

Functional health is your body being free of illness and injury – your whole body, from the inside out. It is rooted in the belief that healthcare is an act of integration, not separation. Rather than simply attending to the symptoms across different parts of the body, a functional approach seeks to find the root factors causing you to be sick, feel unbalanced, and not live your life to your highest energetic potential. Sheila Jackson, FDN-P, FMCHC, NBC- HWC, has developed functional wellness programs that nourish her clients while helping them attend to the issues that altogether affect the unified system of their body and promote healing from the inside out – with the goal of achieving and maintaining vibrant health and optimal function.

Those symptoms you’ve been living with like bloating, cramping, gas, constipation, diarrhea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, headaches, sleep issues, anxiety, dizziness and fatigue are not normal.

the three phases in our functional wellness journey include:

functional lab testing: In the words of Peter Drucker, one of the most influential thinkers of our time, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Taking this to heart, we begin by helping you get your hands on the right Functional Medicine Lab Tests and resources to establish a baseline for building health. This reveals the missing pieces of your health puzzle and allows us to take corrective action to fix what is wrong.

functional diagnostic nutrition®: Once we uncover the hidden healing opportunities from the testing, we develop individualized health building protocols consisting of functional nutrition and lifestyle elements that restore balance, resilience and function inside the body.

National board certified health & wellness coaching: With the protocol in place, we walk the healing path with you. It’s essential to investigate all the right things. Still, equally important is guidance and support along your healing journey. This is the foundation of emergewell + co. As we like to say, the only difference in illness and wellness is “we” – togetherness is a key factor in human healing.

emergewell’s nourishing YOU ™ program

For those who are seeking a truly personalized solution and supported functional wellness path, Sheila Jackson offers emergewell’s nourishing YOU™ program. This program provides you a FRESH and well-informed perspective as you attend to the five pillars of whole-person wellness, human needs, and behaviors. Learn about our nourishing YOU™ program.

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