nourishing YOU™ program

you’re not alone

One day I was the woman running marathons, raising kids, operating a full-time business, raising money to fund cutting-edge cancer research, and hosting live leadership events. Then, without any awareness of what all was brewing beneath the surface, I collapsed in my own home – experiencing an acute adrenal crisis with a high mortality rate.

luckily, that was not the day I took my last breath.

You might not have faced a life-threatening experience, but that doesn’t mean that your body isn’t giving you signals that it needs help.

is this you?

  • You’re weight loss resistant

  • You are exhausted when you wake up despite sleeping 8 hours

  • You’re struggling with brain fog, cloudy thinking, or an overactive mind that won’t let you rest

  • You’re moody, depressed, anxious

  • Your libido left you somewhere along the way and despite wanting it back, you body just isn’t feeling it

  • You are medicating symptoms either with prescription drugs or self-medicating with whatever new pill or potion promises to relieve the thing you want to rid yourself of most

  • You’re chronically stressed

  • You’re burned out

sound familiar?

Despite your best efforts to diet, exercise, sleep, experience pleasure, fulfillment, passion, and peace, it’s just not working for you. If this sounds like you, I invite you to learn more about how you can take ownership of your body, restore youthful vitality, and emerge well.

nourishing YOU™

Through my personal journey and years of experience, I have created the nourishing YOU program to put YOU, the WHOLE WOMAN, at the center of your own healing journey.

The nourishing YOU™ program is an experiential wellness change journey that unlocks radiant health, unconditional kindness, and your highest energetic potential.

Becoming a RebuildHER committed to a real healing journey, the “symptoms” you can expect are beyond anything you can imagine right now + the following:

  • Reversing chronic stress-related dis-ease and dysfunction
  • The ability to rid yourself of the toxins you have been exposed to – physically, mentally, and emotionally
  • The ability to digest and assimilate the “nutrients” from your food, your thoughts, feelings, and lived experiences
  • Gaining freedom from harmful symptoms and suffering
  • Harmony within your relationships with others, time and money
  • Embodied vitality, zest and joy
  • Functioning at a higher level – physically, mentally, and emotionally

And, when any one of us finds ourselves getting off the path of well being, and onto a trail of familiarity, doing all the things (behaviors, habits, and lifestyle patterns) that got us into this sick and tired position, you will be met with loving kindness – a sacred sisterhood, a circle of compassionate women who understand the challenges you are facing, care, and consistently have your back.

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healing is a choice

It is a courageous choice to take corrective action that requires you be seen. Drop your personal protective armor (PPA), “the armor,” as Brene Brown calls it at the door. YOU are safe here! 

nourishing YOU™

the foundation

For 4 months, you will meet 1:1 with Sheila to discuss your personal health, plan and journey through your personalized protocol. Additionally, you will have the option to gather once a month with your RebuildHERS circle to support and learn from each other.

We will focus on the following:

governing principle: balance inside the body (homeostasis)

community: RebuildHERS circle

knowledge: myths and facts about the female operating system

practitioner led investigation: functional diagnostic lab testing

results: the data*, your personal physiology in detail, and clarity of the functional foundation you are working with

actions: practitioner consults & private 1:1 coaching designed to support personal well-being, health restoration, individualized lifestyle protocols, and the elimination of metabolic chaos

*functional diagnostic lab testing & gut health

We will uncover the hidden stressors chronically pulling on your functional body systems – hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy, and nervous systems.

Labs include:

  • Adrenal & Hormone Testing
  • Metabolic Assessment
  • GI Function
  • GI Pathogen Testing
  • Food Sensitivities

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