stepping into soul care

it all starts with healing

Opt into radical self-care and emerge well with the help of Sheila Jackson, integrative functional health practitioner, entrepreneur, wife, and mother.

Through the use of healing foods, healing rituals and healing relationships, Sheila can help you alleviate stress while transforming your body and your mind so that you can live out this life being the fullest expression of your whole Self.  

the conversation

the practice

healing foods, healing rituals, and healing relationships

the process

opening doors for guided healing opportunities, personal growth, and transformation

the lifestyle

soul to soul we connect, travel, retreat and become well together and apart

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ECo Client Testimonies

Breast cancer creates multiple inner dialogues. One is loud and screams, “you are damaged”. Through the coaching with Sheila I experienced the ‘can’ in cancer. Step by step I found my way through treatment, eating nourishing foods came easily versus eating foods that are easy. The writing and stillness practice helped me find a significant increase in emotional peace and physical energy. I’ve become more patient and understanding with myself and others and my new philosophy is, “No matter what…Be Kind.”  The healing help I experienced with Sheila not only impacted my body it has enlivened every relationship in my life – beginning with the one I have with myself.

- Terre, wellcoaching client

Life gets busy, messy, and stressful. The Eco retreat led by Sheila was nothing short of phenomenal. The lessons of wellbeing, the community, the food, and the atmosphere of safety and kindness is just what I needed to break free from some heavy stuff that had been weighing on me at home. This weekend was EVERYTHING!

- Mel, retreat and wellcoaching client

I wish the retreat was longer! The whole experience helped me jumpstart my return to healthy eating. As anxious and apprehensive as I felt about attending, sharing openly with the other women, my struggles and my wishes became my favorite part of the retreat. Bigger than the shift in my food choices is my return to trusting women again.  

- Donna, retreat and wellcoaching client

The process with Sheila has guided me back to the very path I had lost sight of, my own well-being and importance. You have helped me gain a greater perspective that has cleared away my muddled thinking that taking care of me is somehow selfish. The rewards I’m seeing are showing up in every aspect of my life. I am becoming stronger and healthier. I’ve stuck to my commitment to myself and lost 11 pounds, I feel more energized than ever I have enrolled myself in college and am currently completing my bachelor’s in accounting.  I am honoring my voice and owning my choices. Most importantly I feel peace and I love being me.

- Diana, wellcoaching client

My favorite part of the ECo retreat isn’t one thing. It is the food! The silence! The kindness! The people! I am leaving feeling lighter and like I reset my life battery. The clarity and the joy that I got from this weekend is transformational and I am taking it with me. I have the tools now to be the me I know that I am – important and worth the work!

- Juli, retreat and wellcoaching client
Since beginning this self-care journey with Sheila, I am never pushed to do just one thing. Instead I am encouraged to be intentional, to look inward and find my own next best step. Sheila reminds me what is inherit within me and that a little compassion goes a long way. With her guidance and suggestions I’ve since been meditating, doing yoga, eating better, left a toxic work environment, started a new career and raised my annual income significantly by taking care of myself without justifying my choices.  You see, I never really experienced the value in that- I guess I never thought I was worthy of it- up until now. 
- Angelique, wellcoaching client

One of my new favorite expressions from the retreat is, “wake up soul”.  The retreat allowed me the opportunity to truly see me. To recognize where I need to release what holds me back…feeling emotions that are messy and trusting that it’s okay to be present in this way. I have officially stopped allowing life to pass me by and by that, I mean I have courageously taken off in the direction of my dreams. I am moving forward on the entrepreneurial trail and opening one of the first F45 workout studios in Texas.

- Ronnda, retreat and wellcoaching client

Working with others while establishing a space of growth is a journey less traveled. The team at EmergeWell + Co re-introduced me to myself with wellness at it’s core.

- Stacy, wellcoaching client

Having gone through the process of compassionate leadership, my perspective has shifted.
What can I say but “thank you!” Compassion, curiosity and genuinely connecting with a colleague changed the entire trajectory of our work together and relationship with our client.

- Robin, wellcoaching client

at emergewell + co, we…

  • refuse to be limited by outdated, unnatural, discriminatory standards and practices for health, beauty, or business

  • discard the belief that a woman’s value must be earned, proven, or maintained by appearance, a bank account, career, or a “fitting” past

  • value facts, feelings, introspection, speaking up, and pushing back

the tribe

Because we prescribe to the belief that “the company” we keep holds the greatest potential for nourishing a new humanity, through nature’s intelligence we travel with a conscious tribe.

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