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The Fall Equinox is nearly upon us and with it, we bring a peace offering!

There’s an incredible synergy that happens when we work in alignment with our earth’s seasons which is why I’m SO excited to invite you to join my FREE Finding Peace in the Age of Anxiety challenge that begins on September 21 (which also happens to be International Day of Peace)!

  • Have you found yourself filled with anxiety with the uncertainty that IS 2020? Yeah, me too.
  • Have you found yourself even making negative predictions about your future? Even when the proverbial sun is shining on your life, you worry about a total eclipse? It’s all going to come to a dark end – or be “taken away”? Yeah, me too.
  • Do you find that the last six months have brought upon some may be less than peaceful practices? Same, girl, same.

If any of the above describes you, please know that you are not alone.   What I’ve come to learn, working with many women, is that this kind of thinking is the real pandemic.

If you are ready to break free from anxiety and realize that you need to “shape-shift” your inner peace – now is the time! Sign up for my FREEFinding Peace in the Age of Anxiety challenge!

Consider this a kind reminder that although life happens around us in ways that we do not control, it is normal to feel sadness and grief when you are socially distanced for months at a time from family, friends, and colleagues. It’s normal to feel fear and anger by all racially motivated violence and injustice, and it’s normal to feel anxious and confused about the future economy and the state of our nation as a whole. (Some days, I have touched each of these feelings in just 24 hours!)

The truth is these are tricky times. To avoid being pulled too deep into the trickery, here are seven days of peace, offering up accessible ways that you can shape-shift inner peace in this new age with safety, sanity, and some clear-cut boundaries.

The seven-day challenge begins on the International Day of Peace, September 21st, to get us pulled into the Fall Equinox (September 22). Each day you’ll receive simple and accessible tips emailed to your inbox.

Sign up here to join me and the ECo tribe on this journey!






Sharing is caring!