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In times of uncertainty, trusting life can feel like a potent dose of reality to stomach, especially when you’ve been thrust into a new normal – a normal that you didn’t see coming. The shock feels real, raw, and even sickening.  Fear is the malady that strikes our hearts and fills our heads with nonsense.

Hear me when I say:  It is our natural human design to feel, and we all experience fear. Today, we most often hear fear referred to with words like anxious, unsure, overwhelmed, confused, depressed, exhausted.  All of which take root in fear.

We have become conditioned to fear:  

  • What we know
  • What we don’t know
  • Being too much
  • Being too little
  • Being loved
  • Being unloved
  • Being seen
  • Being unseen
  • Being heard
  • Being unheard

The list goes on, and fear is the circle we run in – “busy-bodied” in a beehive of activity, extending more patience and perseverance to others than we ever do ourselves, and chronically consuming everyone else’s beliefs, ideas, thoughts, expectations, opinions, and judgments (think cable news and social media) like it is as vital to our life as the air we breathe.

This, and long history of being subjected to oppressive social systems, is how women have learned not to trust their own bodies.

The good news is that you are in control of your body.  The bad news is…you are in control of your body. By nature’s own divine design, your body responds to what you perceive, believe, and intend far more than to what is really happening. If you are fearful, conditioned, and expectant of negativity, you are most likely to experience adverse outcomes.

Without fear, your body is beautifully designed to do what it does naturally:  and that is recalibrate, achieve an inner state of ease, function, and balance, feeling whole and engaging your spiritedness – your soul self.”

In this way, fear is the malady, and your body expresses the message in the form of e-motion or energy in motion, feeling physical symptoms such as generalized anxiety, overwhelm, depression, and fatigue – the duration and severity are an expression of fear.


Women have been led to believe that we should trust outside of ourselves first. That we can’t trust and don’t understand our own body-mind-spirit and that trying to do so is somehow wrong.

Instead of seeing the body itself as a messenger offering up just what is needed for our healing and human evolution, we resist and seek “the expert” to help us manage our unruly self that isn’t falling in line quick enough or quietly enough for our liking or the liking of someone else who we hold in higher regard.

Without even being aware of it, our own behavior reinforces deeply buried traumas, feelings, and beliefs that our body-mind-spirit isn’t safe, that we are somehow broken, and hex ourselves with the power to bring about negative outcomes.

The physical impact:  When people marinate in a sea of adversarial feelings and toxic thoughts, such as worry, regret, guilt, disgust, disappointment  – all rooted in fear, we are literally living in a ticking time bomb, a state of being that elicits a physiological form of panic and minimizes our personal capacity to ground and navigate well through life’s difficult moments. Otherwise said, you eliminate the power to heal naturally, breeze through the bullshit, and unconsciously become stuck in a reality you never wanted to begin with.

The movement designed to be kind isn’t merely meant for women to survive life, rather that life is meant for us to come through sound (in balance), strong (in harmony), capable (fully functioning) – WHOLE.


It starts and ends with YOU nourishing YOU.


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