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Women’s health and wellness are often dominated by the conversation of weight loss. But is it always about the numbers on the scale? The latest podcast episode of Renegade Woman presents a fresh perspective on this topic, challenging the societal norms around weight loss and ideal body weights.

We are all familiar with the struggle of losing those last 10-15 pounds. The frustration is palpable, and the question that arises is, “Why is it so hard?” Here’s an answer that may surprise you – maybe your body doesn’t need to lose that weight to be healthy. As we get closer to our ideal weight, our bodies tend to become more resistant to weight loss. It’s a protective mechanism, a sign that perhaps we’re already at a healthy weight.

In our pursuit of weight loss, we often overlook other critical aspects of our health and well-being. Health is not merely about weight loss; it’s about holistic wellness. It’s about how much energy we have, how our mood is, how our joints feel, how our attention and focus have changed, and how our health impacts our relationships. These are the functional health markers that we should consider and monitor, rather than obsessing over a number on the scale.

The societal pressure of achieving a certain body type or weight can be overwhelming. However, we need to recognize that health is individualistic, and what works for one may not work for another. This realization calls for a renegade movement – a disruption of conventional wisdom on health and wellness, a celebration of our inherent wildness, and a challenge to the societal norms.

This renegade movement is not about rejecting the idea of weight loss entirely but about shifting our focus from weight loss to overall wellness. It’s about asking ourselves why we want to lose weight and how it will impact our quality of life. If it’s merely for aesthetics, it might be time to reconsider our goals.

In this journey towards holistic health and wellness, it’s essential to track changes in our bodies and our lives. Not only can these changes be tracked for the rest of our lives, but they can also relieve some of the perceived pressure and stress, putting us in a better mood and mindset about our individual health journey.

In conclusion, redefining health and wellness goes beyond societal norms and weight loss. It’s about acknowledging and embracing our inherent wildness, focusing on functional health markers, and adopting a more holistic view of health. So, join the renegade movement, start living your best life, and remember to keep it wild.

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