Canna Bees™ – CBD Raw Honey Rescue Blend™ Jar


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  • Canna Bees™ raw honey Rescue Blend™  is made from natural Central Texas rescued bees that feast on the pollen of natural wildflowers.
  • Treatment-free beekeeping, honey bee colonies are strong enough to defend themselves against pests without the aid of pesticides.
  • 100% High potency hemp extract (CBD) — Our soil and hemp extracts are routinely tested for microbials, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides. Includes
  • Lab Tested — Every batch of Canna Bees™ tests clean — No Detectable Amounts of toxins at a Parts Per Million (PPM) concentration.
  • Do not feed honey to children under 1 year of age
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All organic honey infused with 100% Organic Hemp

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250mg Jars, 500mg Jars

3 reviews for Canna Bees™ – CBD Raw Honey Rescue Blend™ Jar

  1. Catherine

    I LOVE the CannaBees Rescue Blend! I typically have a really hard time falling asleep (I would lay awake for over an hour) and staying asleep. I had tried many different natural remedies to help and nothing was working. Once I was introduced to this CBD honey, I started out with the 500 mg jar and haven’t looked back! My husband and I take a teaspoon every night when we get in bed and I will typically fall asleep in about 15 minutes and stay asleep all night. It has truly become a game-changer for me as I can finally awake each morning feeling rested.

  2. Robert

    This product has changed the way i sleep, by taking a small amount (teaspoon or two) each night before bed im able to sleep through the night without waking up. In addition i love adding as a sweetener into my morning coffee, very tasty product and plenty of great ways to use it, this honey is AWESOME!!!

  3. Donavon

    Due to my time as an athlete, I have never slept very well. The pressure of late-night studying and early morning workouts have always put me on the edge and made it very hard to sleep comfortably throughout the night with no interruptions. Unfortunately, this habit has stuck with me long after my playing years and I find myself receiving 5 hours of sleep on average. Thanks to the CannBees Rescue Blend I have found myself going to sleep faster and sleeping longer. Sometimes receiving 7 to 8 hours of sleep throughout the night. After taking this product for a few weeks, I can tell the difference in my energy level and my body’s recovery time. And for those that have a sweet tooth, its a great way to nullify that craving as well.

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