Canna Bees™ – CBD Raw Honey Rescue Blend™ 20mg Snap & Squeeze Pack


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  • 30 packs per box, ideal for travel and quick energy.
  • Canna Bees™ CBD Raw Honey Rescue Blend™ is made from natural Central Texas rescued bees that feast on the pollen of natural wildflowers.
  • Treatment-free beekeeping, honey bee colonies are strong enough to defend themselves against pests without the aid of pesticides.
  • 100% High potency hemp extract (CBD) — Our soil and hemp extracts are routinely tested for microbials, heavy metals, residual solvents, and pesticides. Includes
  • Lab Tested — Every batch of Canna Bees™ tests clean — No Detectable Amounts of toxins at a Parts Per Million (PPM) concentration.

359 in stock

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30 count box of 20mg snap and squeeze pack of all organic honey infused with 100% Organic Hemp

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3 reviews for Canna Bees™ – CBD Raw Honey Rescue Blend™ 20mg Snap & Squeeze Pack

  1. Catherine

    I use the jar of 500mg CannaBees Rescue Blend each night before bed to help me fall asleep and stay asleep all night. The problem is that the jars are terrible to travel with. The 20mg Snap Packs are the solution! Each time I travel I bring at least 1 snap pack per day, more because my friends always want to try them :). The snap packs make it easy to keep to my evening ritual of CBD honey before bed while on the go. I definitely recommend having the snap packs on hand.

  2. Robert

    The snap packs are a great addition to the jars! My wife and I are very adventurous and love the outdoors so no matter where we go we can keep these with us to help refuel our energy levels throughout the day. We questioned the packs at first (would they stay sealed properly during more strenuous activities) but we quickly found out that was not an issue based on the design of the pack itself these do not open until your ready….no leaky messes to worry about.
    A great way to take this amazing honey on the go, they fit in your wallet or a purse. Great gift ideas as well for introducing first time CBD users.
    I recommend these 100%

  3. Donavon

    For someone like myself that is persistently working out 7 (+) times during the work week, you find yourself constantly looking for efficient ways to service your body’s needs. Even though I am a disciplined person, I admit I have flaws like everyone else. My sweet tooth is like no other and I often find my craving reaching its highest point after an exhausting workout. Over the years I have found studies that show after a workout, your body needs to replenish its carbohydrate stores. Eating simple sugars is a fast and effective way to quickly re-up. But it is very hard to find an available sugar source besides candy to have on hand. I have found that CannaBees Rescue Blend Snap Packs are very convenient and a reliable source that provides me with the extra boost of energy to finish my day. It is just a plus that the honey is delicious and happens to be infused with CBD. I am a firm believer/user of CBD products and have seen the benefits in my body’s recovery response time since using this product. The Snap & Squeeze Packs stay in my gym bag and after every workout I snap the pack and have instant sugar!

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